Roadside Survival Guide


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Two hundred million licensed motor vehicle drivers in the United States expose themselves routinely to significant risk while betting that they will not become stranded when they drive.  There are two kinds of drivers: 1) those who have experienced a disabled vehicle (and will again), and 2) those who will for the first time.  Drivers can decrease the chances that they will have a break down and become stranded.  This subject may seem dry and boring – – until you have experienced being stranded and vulnerable to whims of anyone who comes along.  Each year AAA responds to 30 million calls for help from stranded motorists, reflecting only a fraction of the total.  Some folks learn only by experiencing inconvenience, embarrassment, and potentially serious risks.  Others make the proactive choice to learn how to prevent problems and the methods to counteract them should they occur.  This book provides you with the opportunity to avoid the negatives associated with becoming stranded (including no bathroom, no water, no food, too cold, too hot, darkness, and encountering predators).

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